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All About Pregnancy

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    Weight Loss and Fitness 

    Most women want to get back to what they were like before they got pregnant both in terms of fitness and weight, but it can be far from easy!
    Obviously, it's natural and healthy to put on weight during pregnancy but it's vital that you don't pile on the pounds for your sake and your baby's sake as well!
    That's what happened to Holly Rigsby, but she found a way to "Burn the Baby Fat and Get Her Body Back - in 15 minutes a day!"
    Even if your weight's OK, most women will benefit from the extra fitness they'll get from Holly's program!

    The author of the brilliant book, Michelle Moss, says as her intro to this program:
    "Stop Gaining Unnecessary Pregnancy Weight And Get Through Pregnancy Feeling Fit, Toned and Healthy"
    If only this book had been around when I was pregnant, how different I would have looked and felt. 
    If only....but instead it took me years to get back to how I really wanted to be!

    Don't forget - every book has a
    60 day money-back guarantee!

How to Get Pregnant Naturally

Get pregnant- Mother and Baby
It takes two to get pregnant!!
Blatantly obvious, I know, but so often the emphasis is on the female being the one who can’t get pregnant rather than considering whether it could possibly be the male who can’t get her pregnant.
And don’t forget, it can be both!
Whether it's one or both, the question of how to get pregnant fast but naturally soon comes up!

Because she couldn't conceive in a reasonable amount of time my daughter finally found out that she had polycystic ovaries, which were assumed to be the only problem, so she endured expensive and completely unsuccessful courses of IVF treatment during which it was eventually discovered that her husband had low fertility.
This process took over two years!
Fortunately, not everyone is so unlucky.

Beware of the Advancing Years!

If you’re seriously trying to get pregnant, having sex about three or more times per week without any contraception will on average get the desired result for about 85% of couples within a year. 
Within two years, 92% of women will get pregnant on average although a woman’s fertility decreases with age.
For example, over 90% of women aged 35 can expect to get pregnant with regular sex within three years but at age 38, this figure drops alarmingly to about 75%.

Why Haven't I Got Pregnant?
There are many reasons why a woman may not be able to get pregnant, such as hormonal problems, eating disorders (including anorexia nervosa and obesity), even taking too much exercise or suffering from stress.
There are other physical problems that include blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis (a relatively complex gynaecological condition which can affect about 5% or more females) and failure to ovulate, which has many possible causes.
For males, the major problem is low sperm count, which can also have a variety of causes but in more than a quarter of all cases, no particular cause for not being able to get pregnant can be found for either the man or the woman.
However, just because the 'traditional' method hasn't worked, couples shouldn't stop trying to find out how to get pregnant by other natural methods!
Get Pregnant Naturally - Smiling Baby

Find Out When You're Most Likely To Conceive.

Some couples may try to make sure they have a lot of sex when the woman ovulates (releases an egg) which is usually somewhere around the middle of her menstrual cycle.
Or maybe even to ‘save up’ for this time of the month.
However, recent authoritative guidance in the UK advises that, although this can be an effective way to get pregnant it may also become a cause of stress, which I don't regard as being a particularly valid objection!
In my considered opinion, the ovulation method does have a lot to recommend it and can be the answer to 'how to get pregnant?' especially if time is a factor.
Obviously the right time of the menstrual cycle must be properly identified!
The best way to do this is with an accurate basal ovulation thermometer which are available in many large stores with instructions for use.
You can get full details of how to use this simple method by clicking HERE.
But, please don't pin all your hopes just on this alone.

Get Pregnant With The Missionary Position!

There's no need to get too technical when trying to discover how to get pregnant.
Believe it or not, the chances of success can be considerably increased by having sex in the good old ‘missionary’ position with a pillow under the woman’s bottom.
And, it also helps if the woman has an orgasm at the same time as her partner or preferably slightly after, because the cervix ‘pulsates’ when this happens and, combined with the backward tilting of the pelvic area caused by the strategically placed pillow, the uterus has more contact with the man’s sperm.
A further refinement to this technique is for the woman to then raise her legs so that her pelvic area is tilted back further and to remain like this for up to 20 minutes if possible. Sorry, being so clinical shouldn’t obscure the fact that to get pregnant is a deeply satisfying emotional experience and a lot of fun for both people involved!
Don’t let all the possible difficulties about how to get pregnant naturally put anyone off trying to get pregnant. Even in the unlikely event that you don’t succeed, the whole experience will still be very positive in the vast majority of cases.

Free Reports!!

As I mentioned earlier, I did a lot of research earlier to help my daughters to get pregnant and also to find out about anything that might just cause problems for either them or their little babies.
I promise you that I'm not just saying this but I strongly recommend that you read these reports for your sake as well as your baby's.
They're only a few pages long with no fluff or adverts but I believe that almost every mother-to-be really needs both reports.
To get your two FREE Reports:
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Wishing You the Very Best of Luck

Helen Kidde

PS If you would like more information on many other important aspects of pregnancy, please click any of the links below the form (above left).

All About Pregnancy


I must be honest and say that I haven't tried all of the books

in this section. I've already got three kids and if I'd tried all the modern methods, I'd have at least a football team by now but I would certainly be very fit and healthy, that's for sure!

All of the books come with a full 60 day, unconditional money-back guarantee so you can try them with zero risk!

How To Get Pregnant 

Pregnancy Miracle'

'If you're struggling to get pregnant, then this could
be the Most Important l
book you will ever read...'

So begins Lisa Olson's intro to her book about how to get pregnant when it seems it's just not going to happen .
Not cheap but well worth it if it does the job, which it does very frequently  if all the glowing Testimonials are anything
to go by!


Quit Smoking!!!
Before it damages your Baby!
If you are a smoker and you are planning to get pregnant, you
really do  NEED to click HERE to
find out about the permanent damage smoking during pregnancy can do to both of you.
But don't despair - there's plenty you can do to help yourself quit.
And even if you're already pregnant, please remember:


For all those who, like me many years ago, know they've got to quit once and for all but just haven't been able to succeed, this book could easily be the way you can beat smoking at the time when you most need to do so!
The authors claim an incredible 94% success rate but if it doesn't work for you, remember you've got a cast iron 60 day money-back guarantee so you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!